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Commando Jungle Strike


Commando Jungle Strike is the most realistic 3D war battle action game available on Google Play. It’s going to be an offensive attack on the most dangerous terrorist’s organization setting up their bases in the jungle to attack you anytime! So let’s move and surprise them in the midnightEnemies are equipped with the modern technology weapons system, capable of detecting and destroying any intruders enters in the red zone. Sneak in to the stronghold and rain fire them with the bullets. Strategically fire your powerful guns, switch from Ak47 to Sniper and use them wisely. Take out the rooftop snipers with the single shot.
Demolish their convoys and their military bases and enjoy your life time combat experience in the field. They are ruthless, they are furious but you need to smart to take them out one by one. Lets not worry about their arsenal; your tactics will overcome their powerful artillery.
Realistic 3d environmentResponsive FPS controlMultiple weapons to play withUse Machine gun to destroy the tanks and helicoptersAmazing Sound Effects